Happy New Year to You All

It’s all happening at Tarkwa Cottage. They decided we were originally built in a cove!

The footings for the extension had to be piled with the ones furthest from the house going down 9.5 metres with the last two metres in rock.

The concrete for the base of the extension was delivered in a very novel way – the lorry parked on the top road just under the Fort and then the liquid concrete was piped down the 96 Duck Steps ,across Garrett Street , through the front door , across the living room and out down to the base

The piling has caused a one month delay but hopefully now everything will press on for completion by Easter. I will be down there for a lot of January and February to keep a check on things and help make things happen without more delays.

Super builders – well done lads!

Work in Progress at Tarkwa 2015(2)

Work in Progress at Tarkwa December 2015

Work in Progress at Tarkwa December 2015(3)