Furious February

Some days there are up to nine men in the house!

Duane is in charge – he is the younger Elliott brother. He brings whoever is necessary for each day. The kitchen/dining floor is now down on top of the under floor heating and the kitchen fitting  will start by the end of this week. Also the bathrooms have their items in them but not yet plumbed/fixed. The one month  time delay early on for the piling has now been cut down to two weeks. I keep them going with chocolate digestives and we have site meetings over lunch at The Lookout.

Woody our lovely Cawsand painter and decorator is on standby to get in when he can ( I booked him in last October as he is in such demand)

Early next week the boarded up look will be transformed by the arrival of the big windows – this will definitely be worth watching.

Onwards and Upwards


The finished yard

The finished yard

 Measuring for the kitchen island unit

Measuring for the kitchen island unit


Plastering the living room ceiling





Sitting room ceiling being plastered


Basement stairs going in

Stairs to basement going in