Mad March

Well we’re not far off the end of this major project!

We have a very smart balcony balustrade and the decking was going down today.

The stairs down to the kitchen are in  – beautifully made by Dean – DCL’s head joiner. The posts and rail are in oak with glass handrails. We were going to cupboard in the space under the stairs but that would be a crime. It will still be a useful space.

I am amazed that we haven’t had plumbers yet this week and only one electrician today –  will I recommend this firm to anyone else ? NO.

The German ceramic  radiators arrived today too but another panto  ensued- a wrong size towel rail, lots of trailing wire ( an abomination to me). No drawings re positions in the rooms didn’t help. Will I recommend this company to others? – we’ll see

When all the heat and water systems are up and running I will be able to control it from an app on my  Ipad – how about that!

The kitchen/dining area is not finished yet but you can already see that it is a fabulous space as is the spacious sitting room. Having to compromise on an all  white house  because of the late finish I can see how spacious it makes the rooms feel.

Our decorating team are village legends – Woody and Jim. Woody is a delight and Jim is mainly a sculptor who exhibits regularly but enjoys helping Woody. We are waiting for Mike to rejoin the team – he is currently in Italy with Francesca , his artist wife. Ironically they used to live at the Lookout which is where Peter and I are living whilst the work is going on.

Friday is carpet day, next Monday the furniture comes back from store